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Seven things you need to know about this most affordable building solution:


1. What are BuildLink Houses?

BuildLink Houses are a complete package of all the materials required and the
full consented house plans, at a fixed price. This type of housing option is
usually referred to as a kitset house, but the term causes some confusion as
to what that means. It simply means a supply of all the required materials,
although the frames and trusses are manufactured by us. You arrange your
own builder and contractors or we can recommend a builder who would work
with you over construction details..

2. What plans are there and are they flexible?

There are a number of plans you can choose from – see our website for
details. Or you can come up with your own floor plan. We can work with you
choosing the plan, our architect will make any changes you require and obtain
the building permit on your behalf.

3. What is included?

Our packages consist of full plans and all the materials including the floors and
fixings. Beware – Other kitset houses advertised do not include these items!
Pricing is calculated assuming a level section and no ground issues. Please
refer to the full specification list on our website for details of what is included.

4. What are the advantages of a BuildLink House?

BuildLink Houses are the most cost effective option available. You are buying
the materials direct from Value Building Supplies and cutting out a housing
company margin for building the house on your behalf. You can arrange the
house build yourself, or use sub contractors of your choice. All materials are
top quality and the timber is higher grade direct from our sawmill.

Our Sales Reps work with your builder and arrange delivery of materials as
required. Most kitsets only supply materials in 2 or 3 deliveries, resulting in all
sorts of problems for storage and risk of damage or theft. We progressively
supply materials as required to ensure that exactly the correct quantities are
supplied, with no excess materials lying around your site.

5. How much do BuildLink Houses cost?

A full price list is on our website.

6. Can you do a full build option?

If you require a price for a fixed build, we can recommend a builder to you who
would provide you with a fixed price for a full build.

7. Where do I get more information?

Most information you require is on the website –

Or you can contact:
Value Building Supplies
1 Katere Road
New Plymouth.

Phone: Sean on 027 251 4355

Or by emailing: [email protected]

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